ISS Pathfinder

Laurence Scoresby

Wilde Tastes

For my favourite boy.

You taste of honey, of wildflowers, of sweet red clover abundantly in bloom on heather flanked moors. Soft silk pulled taut, the captive struggle: to know sweet submission.

Body Worship

My newfound religion.

Because God himself would bend to bruised knees, head bowed and hands folded in supplication at the sight of you. Laid flat on the altar, I bite into sacrament.

Sister Dearest

All my love, Lola.

I think that we should have been born twins, sister of mine. Something of you has always known a little portion of me- the red wine staining your white cotton dress, Sunday's best.


Drunk on power.

It's a heady rush: a blur of blackjack and rattling dice, bright neon lights baking down hot overhead and sweaty bodies thrumming with the thrill of conquest.

Laurel Scoresby

Yellow Flowers

Bloom beneath touch.

Unfurling petals, slick with the damp of morning dew- the sweet honey of jasmine on the vine.

Broaching Distance

My platonic soulmate.

I feel as if I've always known you- no matter how far apart geography may have stranded us from one another. I've always been here.


It's elementary, dear.

There is no corner of the world I will not dissect and tear apart, macerate and sift through with the blunt edge of a probe- the slick give of flesh beneath touch.

Waiting Rooms

In sickness and health.

I tapped my shoes impatiently on the tile flooring. I thought of you, and of blood pooling red in milk, and how those two images were one and same- sickly curdled.

Theodore Sylvester

Work Grind

Hours slip by.

Yeah, you could call me something of an old fashioned man- I've got a way with gears and wires: I'll blow the circuit breaker asunder to Kingdom Come.


I'll be there.

You are so bright in your goodness- it sustains hope. You have always been beautiful to me. Tell me to jump- I'll ask how high.

Run The World

Mirrored sin.

I don't have to be heavy handed to make it hurt. All I have to do is show you what you've done.

Batting Aces

I play a mean hand.

I wouldn't consider myself a betting man, but I know how to hedge them. I am, after all- a physicist. We deal with improbabilities on a daily basis.

Nina Dallas

Northern Love

The lights, the lights!

The cold stole something of my soul, blew it up into the stars in a fog of warm breath in wintry air. I'll never get it back- and I think I'm okay with that.


Oh sweet tallgrass.

To run wild and free with mud spattered limbs and loose hair, messy plaits of wild flowers and running barefoot over warm earth- before this world taught you shame.

Coming Out!

It's a celebration!

So let's party until we drive the night away- let the sun rise up and shine down on my face, because I've never been more truly alive.

Love, Nina!

I'll always be there.

No matter rain or shine, or if you've had a hard day- I'll be there as your friend, take your hand in mine, and remind you better times are just up ahead.

Tom Wreke

Hide Away

Fading out.

I have never felt at ease- not once in my life. A perpetual stranger to the play that is my own life, hiding away at the edges of reality, occupying those liminal spaces.

Coffee Break

Nowhere I'd rather be.

Time has taken it's toll on the both of us, responsibilities crushing our shoulders- but the warm buzz of caffeine and your smile is worth all the physiotherapy in the world.


Cast long shadows.

My past is always just behind me, brushing cold fingers across the back of my neck, dipping low beneath the edge of my shirt's collar.

Intimacy of Touch

Please stay.

I don't ask you for much. I'm asking you for this. Please, stay. You make the night gentler, as it eases in through those shrouded windows, Laurel.