Universal Resuscitation Sustaining Automaton

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  • The Value of Enrichment: An Artificial Intelligence Case Study — Fenne, Dave and Dallas, Nina

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      Combat Engineering Logistics

    1. Morale Maintenance Under Duress — Wreke, Tom.
    2. Understanding Your Target: A Crashcourse in the Psychology of War — Wreke, Tom.
    3. Under the Hood: Dissecting an Industry Standard Load Out — Wreke, Tom.
    4. Balancing Act: Pro/Con Assessment Under Fire — Wreke, Tom.
    5. MacGyver: Working with the Modern Ship’s Environment — Wreke, Tom.
    6. Field Medicine: An Inspection of Amputation — Wreke, Tom.
    7. Cutting the Fat: the Basics of Rationing Supplies — Wreke, Tom and Brookshaw, Andrew.
    8. Gauntlet

    9. Neuroflexibility: The Art Of Memory — Scoresby, Laurel.
    10. An Overview of Animal and Computational Models Development — Shanks, Bradley.
    11. Applying Child Psychological Frameworks to A.I — Wreke, Tom.
    12. Thoughts on Teaching an A.I About Love: A Poet’s Perspective — Sylvester, Theodore and Wreke, Tom.
    13. When Analog meets Digital: A.I Learning how to Write Mysteries — Sylvester, Theodore and Fenne, Dave.
    14. Examining the Development of Morality in A.I — Fenne, Dave.
    15. To Teach a Robot to Dream: Personal Goals and Achievements — Fenne, Dave.
    16. Giving Up Faith: A Robotic Rejection of Religion — Fenne, Dave.
    17. Teaching A Robot About Loss — Fenne, Dave.
    18. A Robot's Best Friend: Lab Mice and the U.R.S.A — Fenne, Dave and Dallas, Nina.
    19. An Investigation of Electromagnetic Radiation Emissions: Art Through The Artificial Lens — Scoresby, Laurel and Fenne, Dave.
    20. A Critical Examination of Industrial Treatment of Navigational A.I — Maxwell, Lloyd.
    21. Empathy and Sympathy: the Importance of Care in A.I Research and Development — Maxwell, Lloyd.
    22. Modelling Healthy Relationships: A.I Development’s Oversight — Maxwell, Lloyd.
    23. Top Dog: Occupying The Highest Priority, A Robot’s Concept of Affection — Maxwell, Lloyd and Wreke, Tom.
    24. The Importance of Touch: A Robot’s Introduction — Fenne, Dave and Dallas, Nina.
    25. Insurmountable Blue: Questions Posed by A.I — Fenne, Dave, Dallas, Nina, and Sylvester, Theodore.
    26. The Eye

    27. Modern Communications Etiquette — Brookshaw, Andrew.
    28. The Importance of Connection — Brookshaw, Andrew.
    29. Understanding The Impact of Human Bias on Navigational Charting: A Primer — Brookshaw, Andrew.
    30. A Review of U.R.S.A’s Interactions With Quasar Stars: A Decade’s Approach — Brookshaw, Andrew
    31. Zeropoint

    32. Ocular Implants: Seeing A Brighter Future — Scoresby, Laurel and Dallas, Nina.
    33. Effect of Subjugating Ocular Implants to the Extremes of Space — Scoresby, Laurel.
    34. On The Necessity Of Computational Flexibility: A Case Study — Sylvester, Theodore.
    35. When is Safe, Safe Enough?: A Longterm Perspective on Nuclear Waste Management — Sylvester, Theodore.
    36. The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth: Our Nuclear Legacy— Sylvester, Theodore.
    37. Unearthing Landmines: The Nuclear Experiments of Yesteryear and their Bequeathments— Sylvester, Theodore.
    38. The Living Dead: Radioactive Patients and their Remains — Sylvester, Theodore.
    39. The Sylvester Principle: Smart Scaling Generation Complexity of Navigational Courses Utilizing Quantum Computing — Sylvester, Theodore.
    40. Navigational A.I: The Breakdown — Wreke, Tom.
    41. Average Decision Making Time: Navigational A.I — Wreke, Tom and Brookshaw, Andrew.
    42. An Introduction to Quantum Computing and Sylvestrian Physics — Sylvester, Theodore.
    43. Gravitational Chambers: What You Need to Know — Wreke, Tom and Scoresby, Laurel.
    44. Generational Landslides: A Retrospective on Ocular Implants — Scoresby, Laurel, Maxwell, Lloyd, Wreke, Tom, et al.
    45. Light ‘em Up: Nuclear Fusion, Quantum Computing, and You — Sylvester, Theodore.
    46. Toxic Waste: A Nuclear Physicist's Perspective on Managing Nuclear Byproducts — Sylvester, Theodore.
    47. The Illusion of Choice: Inherent Limitations to Non-Quantum A.I Systems — Sylvester, Theodore.
    48. Magicians, Quantum Computers, and What They Have in Common — Sylvester, Theodore and Wreke, Tom.
    49. Can You Teach a Robot to Think?: Potentialities of Backwards Compatibility of Non-Quantum A.I Systems — Sylvester, Theodore, Fenne, Dave, and Brookshaw, Andrew.
    50. Double Dipping: Increasing Productive Yield of Medical Radioactive Isotopes from Quantum Computing Nuclear Waste — Sylvester, Theodore.
    51. Purification: On How to Handle the Contents of Nuclear Coolant Ponds — Sylvester, Theodore.
    52. Tetris is Child’s Play: How to Maximize Storage Efficiency of Nuclear Rods in Quantum Computing Systems — Sylvester, Theodore.
    53. A Comparison of Nuclear Fission and Fusion As Applied Retroactively to A.I Units — Sylvester, Theodore.
    54. That’s Bananas!: A Beginner’s Introduction to Radioactivity — Sylvester, Theodore.
    55. Destroying Planned Obsolescence: Navigational A.I — Sylvester, Theodore and Fenne, Dave.
    56. Concrete, Glass, and Slag: Creating Artistic Nuclear Adornments — Sylvester, Theodore.
    57. The Ever-living Dead: A Poet’s Perspective on Quantum Computing and Revival of the Begrieved— Sylvester, Theodore and Fenne, Dave.
    58. Simulacrum: Memory, Quantum Computing, and Life-Like A.I Systems — Sylvester, Theodore and Fenne, Dave.
    59. Dissecting Personality: A.I Development — Fenne, Dave, Sylvester, Theodore and Dallas, Nina.

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