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Sylvester Speaks


Hello! I’d like to extend a warm welcome to my slice of the internet- Sylvester Speaks. You’ll find that this is a repository for anything and everything that interests me: which you can expect to consist largely of nuclear physics, poetry, and philosophy!

To briefly introduce myself: I am Dr. Theodore Sylvester, a nuclear physicist who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I have several special interests, but to attempt to sum them up briefly: I am enraptured with the study of consciousness and dismantling the mystique of the psyche, which professionally, I strive to achieve through the advancement of nuclear fission technologies as they collide with quantum computing and cutting edge artificial intelligence.

I’m also a strong advocate for cleaner, safer nuclear power- and as a result of that, have friends in all sorts of fields. You might hear about Specialist Dave Fenne, who works in A.I Development with an emphasis on tackling big, existential questions like creativity, morality, love, and autonomy in burgeoning artificial minds, and Dr. Nina Dallas, a biologist subspecializing in body augmentation and modification as concerning neural pathway formation and brainwave mimicry on here in particular- we’re all college buddies. We often consult on each other’s work, as well!

In my personal life, I enjoy reading hard science fiction and gothic horror novels- the slow burn, psychological thrill to older books really hits the spot. I’ve published a number of works- scientific articles, personal essays, poetry chapbooks, and a memoir! I give lots of talks when I can squeeze them into my schedule: on nuclear fission, quantum computing, advocating for the humane treatment of animals and artificial intelligence, and celebrating and accommodating diversity within the workforce as a southeast asian, bisexual, autistic man.

As a parting comment, I’d implore you to keep an open, curious mind about the universe around you- none of us understand it wholly, and that it’s good to be kind to your fellow travellers in this life.

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